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Intellectual Property Commercialization

Consider a variety of factors when reviewing a commercialization plan.

Technical Factors

  • Understand the technology
  • Consider the technical capabilities and facilities
  • Awareness of technical challenges and constraints and a plan for solving
  • Available and accessible technical and engineering skills
  • Assessment of design changes necessary to achieve commercialization

Business Factors

  • Goals of project agree with overall mission and goals of your business
  • Demonstration of strength of company in field of technology relating to product
  • Clear identification of existing and potential customers
  • Characterization of market, including size and estimate of penetration
  • Competitive advantage and position
  • Clear work/business plan, including well defined road map to commercialization
  • Demonstrated development, manufacturing, and marketing capabilities
  • Financial condition of business interested in commercializing

Management Factors

  • Leadership and commitment of management
  • Well-defined project management, schedule, and resources
  • Reasonableness of proposed effort, including time and resource estimates
  • Strengths and capabilities of management team, including past experience
  • Record of successful and unsuccessful technology development leading to commercial products

Economic Impact

  • Financial benefits
  • Number and quality of jobs expected to be created
  • Impact on consumers and taxpayer benefits
  • Time to commercialization impact
  • Expectations for exportation of product
  • Financial and organizational impact on company
  • Economic impact in company’s local community

Last Modified: December 5th, 2009