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USPTO Trademark Protects Your Nonprofit Organization

Our firm is happy to talk with you about your nonprofit and trademark needs.  Please email or call 888-388-9614.  Nonprofits or tax exempt organizations rely on word-of mouth or name recognition for donations.   One of the most important protections that a nonprofit can have is a registered USPTO trademark or service mark.  A trademark protects the following:

  • URL or domain name;
  • Facebook name;
  • Twitter name;
  • Other online social networking and online fundraising (e.g.,; and
  • Name used in commerce in United States to seek members, donors, and/or carry-out mission.
  • Trademarks are often what I call the “sizzle” and if you have a good name that BOTH describes your organization and also gives a donor a reason to believe, well, then that is a trademark that you want.  If someone else files for trademark protection, then they beat you to it and you lose your right to use it.  Meaning, you pick an alternate name.

    Last Modified: April 11th, 2010