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Conference — Worldwide Patent Statistics for Forecasting Technology-Related Activities

The USPTO will host the Patent Statistics for Decision Makers on November 16 & 17 in Alexandria, VA.

Patent data is increasingly used in sophisticated analyses, helping experts to investigate innovation, the advancement of science, and technology-related activities. Patent information is also employed by industry to do competitive analysis and to help plan R&D and technology strategies and in government to gather important information about the patent system and its performance. Advances in computing power and the availability of patent databases have expanded the possibilities for conducting statistical analysis and research, while the demand for patent statistics is rising as economic performance is increasingly tied to technological innovation.

The “Patent Statistics for Decision Makers 2011” Conference will explore advances in the analysis of patent information in the context of the changing legal, economic, competitive and technological landscapes. The Conference aims to educate and share best practices by surveying the breadth of thinking – while exploring the frontiers of our knowledge – on issues relevant to using patent information by industry, academic, and government decision makers, such as:

1. Next generation of patent-related indicators, such as indicators of patent quality;

2. Patent valuation and Intellectual Property (IP) taxation regimes;

3. Patenting strategies and patents’ use in knowledge networks and markets;

4. Business dynamics and technology-based entrepreneurship;

5. Competitive analysis (including patent mapping and visualization);

6. Patenting in growing technical fields (such as clean technologies);

7. Planning R&D investments and measuring R&D performance;

8. Understanding the operation of the patent system and formulating IP policy reform;

9. Sustaining patent office operations in a fee-based system.

Statistical analysis of patent data commonly aids decision makers in assessing the opportunities available to them, and provides key insights into the risks and challenges associated with their decision options.

On November 15, 2011, registrants will also have an opportunity to learn how to use the EPO’s PATSTAT statistical system.

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