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Product Search for Inventors: BestSweet seeks ice cream-inspired candy

August 28, 2009 by
Filed under: Patent Articles 

New Live Product Search: BestSweet seeks ice cream-inspired candy

Candyholics rejoice! BestSweet, a top confectionary manufacturer, is turning to you for creative, new ideas for products to add to one of their deliciously notable candy brands.

BestSweet is now turning to our Edison Nation members to this leading ice cream brand’s next hit candy item that will appeal to the lucrative ‘tween consumer (ages 8-13). For this Live Product Search, BestSweet wants you to think outside the box of established candy varieties, such as Junior Mints® or Milk Duds®. BestSweet is looking for your product concept ideas in sweet new flavors and in any shape or size. Whether its minis or bite-size squares, consider the whole package concept and your buyer. What new candy would grab the hard-to-catch attention of ‘tweens?

For this Live Product Search, your product concepts must:

  • Retail in stores for $2.00
  • Appeal to the ‘tween consumer
  • Fit within a leading ice cream manufacturer’s line of branded candy
  • Be unique and patentable

Click here to learn more about the BestSweet Live Product Search

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