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USPTO Pilot Program Keeps Patent Applications on Track

The USPTO is pleased to announce a new Ombudsman Pilot Program. The Ombudsman Pilot Program is designed to enhance the USPTO’s ability to assist applicants and/or their representatives with issues that arise during patent application prosecution. More specifically, when there is a breakdown in the normal prosecution process, the Ombudsman Pilot Program can assist in getting the process back on track.

The Ombudsman Pilot Program is not intended to circumvent normal communication between applicants and/or their representatives and examiners or Supervisory Patent Examiners (SPEs).  The USPTO encourages inventors to continue to use established customer service offices throughout the USPTO for information on other related topics. The USPTO has provided a list below of other offices, information each office provides, and their respective telephone numbers. If none of those customer services numbers is appropriate to assist you, please contact the Ombudsman Pilot Program using the electronic form on the USPTO website.  For the phone numbers and information, please click here for the USPTO OBUDSMAN link.

For more questions and answers, please click on the FAQ link for the OMBUDSMAN program.

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