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Patent, Trademark & Copyright Updates

Patent Updates:

e-Office Action provides Another Step Closer to Full Electronic Patent Application Processing

USPTO’s Exhibit of Michael Jackson’s Patent and Trademarks

Trademark Updates:

Notice of Reformatted Trademark registration certificates

Copyright Updates:

Copyright Office fees for registration, recordation and other services are scheduled to increase effective August 1, 2009. According to the Copyright Office, the new fees are based on the costs of providing services, and reflect savings from the implementation of electronic processing.

On the lighter side — a bar update:

USPTO Registered Patent Attorney 41,390 (Scott P. Zimmerman) was overhead talking about his youth and school days with celebrities, such as Rob Lowe and Chad Lowe.  As Bambi Faivre Walters now enters her 5th decade of life, she toasts Mr. Zimmerman for reminding her of those St. Elmo’s Fire days, and she, in turn, reminds Mr. Zimmerman that using the defamatory term “disbarment” is unacceptable.