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BUSTED or NOT? Copyright & Trademark Infringement Claims Against Online Auction Sellers

March 16, 2010 by · Comments Off
Filed under: Business, Copyright Articles, law, Trademark Articles 

Do you know someone that has been targeted for selling fake goods online (e.g., eBay, uBid, craigslist, etc.)?  Do you know someone who was been offered amnesty if they immediately settle and send in a large chunk of money?   If so, please forward this link to the survey and ask them to confidentially take our survey.

Our firm has seen a large increase in potential clients who have been threatened with emails (and letters) seeking large amounts of money and offering amnesty from criminal liability.  Any information submitted will be held in confidence and will be used to analyze information about online sellers that have received a communication alleging copyright infringement, trademark infringement or other causes of action.

Thank you!