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Black & Geauxd Superbowl XLIV

January 25, 2010 by · Comments Off
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Who dat?! It’s the New Orleans Saints headed to Superbowl XLIV.  And, this firm is part of the Who Dat Nation and couldn’t be prouder to shout out “Black & Gold Superbowl”.

New Orleans is a reminder that rebirth is real.  Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and left a wake of victims that struggled to keep their faith and hope.   Across the world, many are struggling right now with economic and other difficulties.  And, the lesson that the Saints taught in tonight’s game against the Minnesota Vikings is to understand, to listen, and to enjoy the “ebb and flow” of living life.  As the lyrics shouted out when the Superdome opened again:

New birth, rebirth
Trombone Shorty
Living like birds in the Magnolia trees
Child on her rooftops
Mother on her knees
Her sign reads: I am an American

How many of you get that message?   Victimized and left to plead and understand why the government turns its back and looks the other way without any guilt.   But, as die hard Saints fans know — hope springs eternal when there is courage, talent and hard work.   Don’t give up.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Or, take a side step if you can’t move forward — sometimes its just a matter of keeping things going even when your behind.  And, most important, remember that it takes faith, hope and charity of individuals who are brave enough to not turn their backs when things don’t look so good and individuals who are willing to support and cheer for others to make it to the Superbowl.

Get U Some NOLA Saints and tune in on February 7, 2010.