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The Innovation Agenda and Green Jobs of the Future

December 6, 2009 by · Comments Off
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For a fabulous article by Mark Esper on human innovation and American creativity for green technology, see his article on The Innovative Agenda and Green Jobs of the Future on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce site.

According to the article, intellectual property (IP) in the United States is worth over $5 trillion, surpassing more than the nominal gross domestic product of any other country.  Driving 40 percent of our economic growth, IP accounts for more than one-half of all U.S. economic exports, contributing $37 billion to our trade balance.  Over 18 million Americans go to work every day in IP-intensive industries, often in fields that far surpass earning levels of non-IP related jobs.  For these reasons and others, the potential for green technology growth promises substantial windfalls for those who take chances.  As stated by Mr. Esper, “innovation is opportunity”.