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Website Promotes New Products Ready for Market

December 31, 2009 by · Comments Off
Filed under: Business, Inventor & Entrepreneur Updates 

Do you have a product ready for market but need some chatter in getting it to market?  If so, then check out a new website Yak About It.  If you think that your product could use the SNAP CRACKLE POP of being Yak’d, then make sure you read the the Terms & Conditions and understand how the promotion process works, like $$ that might have to be shared, etc.  And, if you are an inventor and have not yet reached a launch point, then why not visit the site and leave some comments to vote on the new inventions being offered.  By yak-ing, you can offer your support to other inventors as well as influence what products you as a consumer want to see offered by major retailers.  One of my personal favorites is the Brella Bags hands-free umbrella purse.  Where was this when I was the one with two kids — one on each hip?  Now for the “Fun of It” runner up votes — the g-Spout and the Giggleville game.  Part of the reason for picking the runner ups is a blend of different, rather unique products, but also because the names have some “sizzle” and grab the attention of the consumer.   The power of the brand is important and as these new products make it into the stream of commerce, protecting the names with a trademark is just as important as protecting the invention itself with a patent.  Just think about how the Snuggie has become a household name in one year.