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International Trademark

Trademark registrations cover the country in which they are filed. Consequently a trademark filed with the
United States Patent and Trademark Office will only bestow trademark rights in the United States and not beyond. In order to protect trademarked words or designs in Japan, Germany, Canada or another country, the trademark owner will need to perform a trademark search in a selected foreign country and file a foreign trademark application. The three most common ways to protect trademarks outside the United States are:

  1. International applications under the Madrid Protocol;
  2. European Community Trade Mark (“CTM”) applications; and
  3. Canadian Trade Marks.

While each application provides comparable protection of marks once registered, the application processes differ in significant respects, and each has its pros and cons. For additional information, please feel free to contact our firm at or to call us 866-272-4985.

Last Modified: December 5th, 2009