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Agreement of Mark on Drawing with Mark on Specimens of Use

In a domain name mark (e.g., XYZ . COM or HTTP://WWW.XYZ.COM), consumers look to the second level domain name for source identification, not to the TLD or the terms “http://www.” or “www.” Therefore, it is usually acceptable to depict only the second level domain name on the drawing page, even if the specimens of use show a mark that includes the TLD or the terms “http://www.” or “www.” Cf. Institut National des Appellations D’Origine v. Vintners Int’l Co., Inc. , 954 F.2d 1574, 22 USPQ2d 1190 (Fed. Cir. 1992) (CHABLIS WITH A TWIST held to be registrable separately from CALIFORNIA CHABLIS WITH A TWIST); In re Raychem Corporation , 12 USPQ2d 1399 (TTAB 1989) (refusal to register “TINEL-LOCK” based on specimens showing “TRO6AI-TINEL-LOCK-RING” reversed). See also 37 C.F.R. §2.51(a)(1) and TMEP §807.14 et. seq.

Example : The specimens of use show the mark HTTP://WWW . XYZ . COM. The applicant may elect to depict only the term “XYZ” on the drawing page.

Sometimes the specimens of use fail to show the entire mark sought to be registered (e.g., the drawing of the mark is HTTP://WWW.XYZ.COM, but the specimens only show XYZ). If the drawing of the mark includes a TLD, or the terms”http://www.,” or “www.,” the specimens of use must also show the mark used with those terms. Trademark Act §1(a)(1)(C), 15 U.S.C. §1051(a)(1)(C).

Example : If the drawing of the mark is XYZ . COM, specimens of use that only show the term XYZ are unacceptable.

Last Modified: March 23rd, 2010